New benchmark for mine haulage across Australia

Heavily laden road trains ferrying coal or iron ore along haul roads of 100 kilometres or more demand a tough range of tyres specially designed for Australian conditions.

Blistering heat, corrugations, and unforgiving roads and tracks can quickly change from seemingly impenetrable surfaces to muddy and slippery conditions under downpour.

But a new tyre is setting the benchmark for mine haulage across Australia.

Pictured above, Techking’s popular 315/80R22.5 is now in its fourth iteration and has earned a devoted following among mine haulage contractors and operators, making Techking a sought-after brand in Australia.

Technology delivers ultimate performance

Techking General Manager Steve Coles said: “We’ve taken a tyre that already stood out as a top performer and made a series of incremental changes to design and construction to build the ultimate heavy haulage tyre.

“We’ve worked hard to design these tyres for Australian conditions and we’re seeing the results in sites all over Australia,” he said.

“The 315 combines renowned load capacity with ease of use, making it an outstanding choice for long-distance heavy haulage.’’

Dual load capacity has been boosted to 5450kg in the newest 22-ply version of the tyre, released in late 2019. The extra load capacity running on a 22.5-inch rim makes this a very economical choice for long distance haulage, with tyres that are easy to handle and able to fitted quickly and safely.

The tread, as with all Techking’s mine haulage tyres, features tough off-road compounds specifically designed for drive and trailer, specially constructed to carry heavy loads over long distances on difficult roads day after day.

The road to innovation

From Techking’s earliest tyres in 2005, China’s premier off-the-road tyre maker has focused on delivering cost-effective and high performance tyres for the most demanding mining and construction applications.

Techking’s investment in research and innovation has seen it grow to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers with the widest range of tyres of any China-based company.

This dedicated investment has also provided big dividends for Techking customers in the form or innovative and durable solutions.

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