Techking's fully-stocked Brisbane warehouse

Our supply of specialists tyres unaffected by pandemic

Techking’s supply of high-quality tyres for the Australian mining and construction industries remains unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our warehouses in Brisbane and Perth are fully stocked with a wide range of on-road and off-road truck, earthmover and industrial tyres specially designed for Australian conditions.

With our supply chain continuing to run uninterrupted over the past few months, we are able to assist any sites throughout the country that may be currently experiencing shortages.

And importantly, going forward we do not anticipate any problems in meeting all our customers’ needs.

Consistent service to the country’s largest mines

At Techking Australia, we recognise that any disruptions to supply is of major concern to operators, which is why we closely monitor our inventory to ensure we can continue to offer consistent service to some of the country’s largest coal and iron mines.

One of our key strengths too is our adaptability. As the Australian arm of a leading global supplier based in Qingdao, China, we are backed by a strong research and design team that is constantly innovating.

That is why we are also in a unique position to offer products tailored specially for the needs of our customers in some of the harshest conditions in the world.

Our full range is now in stock

Fortunately, prior to the pandemic we had anticipated a slow-down in production because of the 2020 Chinese New Year Festival.

Accordingly, we increased production orders significantly towards the end of 2019.

This additional inventory carried us through uninterrupted while China experienced its coronavirus shutdown.

Our deliveries from China recommenced as soon as their shutdown was over.

Our supply chain is back to normal, with demand and supply increasing steadily as our business in Australia continues to grow.

To learn more about Techking’s range of on-road and off-road tyres, call 0455 026 248 or email us at