Techking Australia supply chain success

Australian Mining reports on Techking supply chain success

Techking Australia’s successful management of tyre supply during the global Covid-19 pandemic has featured on Australian Mining’s website.

Steve Coles, general manager of Techking Australia, said the company was able to assist any sites around the country experiencing shortages due to supply problems.

“Our supply chain has continued to run uninterrupted over the past few months and we do not anticipate any problems meeting all our customers’ needs,’’ Mr Coles said.

“We had anticipated a slow-down in production because of the 2020 Chinese New Year Festival and increased production orders significantly toward the end of 2019. This additional inventory carried us through uninterrupted while China experienced its coronavirus shutdown.

“Our deliveries from China recommenced as soon as their shutdown was over, and our supply chain is back to normal with demand and supply increasing steadily as our business in Australia continues to grow.’’

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