New Techking range hits the highways

Premium supplier of quality Chinese tyres for mining and construction, Techking Tire Solutions, has taken a new direction with the introduction of a growing range of highway tyres for demanding transport applications.

In response to requests from our rapidly expanding customer base, we are delighted to introduce six innovative, industry-leading tyres specially designed for long haul conditions on Australian roads.

Techking has leveraged its well-earned reputation as a maker of tyres renowned for their durability, value and overload capability on mine sites to design a range of highway tyres specifically for the Australian transport industry.

Suitable for refrigerator trucks and prime movers to low loaders hauling heavy machinery from one side of the continent to the other, this new range of tyres features a range of sizes, pattens and tread compounds designed and tested for Australian conditions.

This move from Techking also sees the introduction of a new Techking house brand to Australia – “Effiplus”.

Effiplus stands for Efficiency Plus – and highlights Techking’s focus on building tyres that increase productivity and efficiency without increasing costs for transport operators.

Designs built on thousands of hours of research

In the increasingly competitive transport industry, operators are looking for every advantage available to reduce their costs per kilometre while knowing they are purchasing a safe, reliable product.

That’s where this range of tyres fits in.

Techking’s renowned Research and Development department has invested thousands of hours in developing the tyres – each with slightly different focus – over the past 12 months.

The tyres offer many advantages over similarly priced competitor brands including benchmark 18-ply construction and cutting-edge compounds constructed from world-class steel and natural rubber and steel to ensure durability and traction.

Unlike many currently on the market, much of the range also incorporates a 5 millimetre under tread to permit retreading and regrooving.

Available to transport operators throughout the country through Techking’s extensive dealership network, the release of the tyres also comes as we prepare to open its new Sydney warehouse in Wetherill Park to complement facilities in Brisbane and Perth.

We currently have a large supply of the new range in stock, ready at all depots.

Six of the best

Unique tread patterns, robust all-rounders as well as tyres designed for specific purposes, the new tyres come to grips with a need in the Australian marketplace.

Effiplus Folo.R198:  Released under Techking’s Effiplus brand, the Folo.R198 features a 16-ply tyre which brings a new dimension to affordability, with a close shoulder design to reduce irregular wear, which often occurs to uneven loading of cargo.

The unique tread design has been carefully engineered to improve tracking with maximum contact between the rubber and the road, as well as decreased heat generation and longer mileage. This robust all-rounder is suitable for interstate B-Double travel and lives up to its name, which stands for Efficiency Plus.

11R22.5 TKDH IV: A drive tyre employing a lightweight construction for improved fuel economy as well as innovative compounds for longer tyre life and excellent traction, the TKDH IV’s cutting edge compounds ensure longer tyre life and excellent traction in the wet.

They also guard against heat build-up and a 5 millimetre under tread allows for retreading and regrooving to ensure transport operators gain maximum value for their investment.

9.5R17.5 TKST VI: An 18-ply tyre that can employed in all positions, this heavy duty tyre is designed for low loaders hauling heavy machinery.

Its lightweight but immensely strong construction results in improved fuel economy, as well as showcasing carefully formulated compounds for longer tyre life and improved traction in wet conditions. Again, with a 5 millimetre under tread, it permits retreading and regrooving.

215/75R17.5 TKST IV and 235/75R17.5:  Durable 18-ply designs for all positions on the truck, trailer, and low loader, these two tyres offer great grip in the wet, improved fuel economy and compounds formulated for lower heat build-up . They can also be retreaded and regrooved.

275/70R22.5 TKST IV:  The 275/70R22.5 is a trailer tyre showcasing all  the benefits of Techking’s long history of producing signature compounds for longer life and greater traction in the wet. The lightweight construction offers improved fuel economy and – like many in this range – it incorporates a 5 millimetre under tread for retreading and regrooving.

To learn more about Techking’s range of on-road and off-road tyres, call 0455 026 248 or email us at