New Techking range hits the highways

Premium supplier of quality Chinese tyres for mining and construction, Techking Tire Solutions, has taken a new direction with the introduction of a growing range of highway tyres for demanding transport applications.

In response to requests from our rapidly expanding customer base, we are delighted to introduce six innovative, industry-leading tyres specially designed for long haul conditions on Australian roads.

Techking has leveraged its well-earned reputation as a maker of tyres renowned for their durability, value and overload capability on mine sites to design a range of highway tyres specifically for the Australian transport industry.

Suitable for refrigerator trucks and prime movers to low loaders hauling heavy machinery from one side of the continent to the other, this new range of tyres features a range of sizes, pattens and tread compounds designed and tested for Australian conditions.

This move from Techking also sees the introduction of a new Techking house brand to Australia – “Effiplus”.

Effiplus stands for Efficiency Plus – and highlights Techking’s focus on building tyres that increase productivity and efficiency without increasing costs for transport operators.

Designs built on thousands of hours of research

In the increasingly competitive transport industry, operators are looking for every advantage available to reduce their costs per kilometre while knowing they are purchasing a safe, reliable product.

That’s where this range of tyres fits in.

Techking’s renowned Research and Development department has invested thousands of hours in developing the tyres – each with slightly different focus – over the past 12 months.

The tyres offer many advantages over similarly priced competitor brands including benchmark 18-ply construction and cutting-edge compounds constructed from world-class steel and natural rubber and steel to ensure durability and traction.

Unlike many currently on the market, much of the range also incorporates a 5 millimetre under tread to permit retreading and regrooving.

Available to transport operators throughout the country through Techking’s extensive dealership network, the release of the tyres also comes as we prepare to open its new Sydney warehouse in Wetherill Park to complement facilities in Brisbane and Perth.

We currently have a large supply of the new range in stock, ready at all depots.

Six of the best

Unique tread patterns, robust all-rounders as well as tyres designed for specific purposes, the new tyres come to grips with a need in the Australian marketplace.

Effiplus Folo.R198:  Released under Techking’s Effiplus brand, the Folo.R198 features a 16-ply tyre which brings a new dimension to affordability, with a close shoulder design to reduce irregular wear, which often occurs to uneven loading of cargo.

The unique tread design has been carefully engineered to improve tracking with maximum contact between the rubber and the road, as well as decreased heat generation and longer mileage. This robust all-rounder is suitable for interstate B-Double travel and lives up to its name, which stands for Efficiency Plus.

11R22.5 TKDH IV: A drive tyre employing a lightweight construction for improved fuel economy as well as innovative compounds for longer tyre life and excellent traction, the TKDH IV’s cutting edge compounds ensure longer tyre life and excellent traction in the wet.

They also guard against heat build-up and a 5 millimetre under tread allows for retreading and regrooving to ensure transport operators gain maximum value for their investment.

9.5R17.5 TKST VI: An 18-ply tyre that can employed in all positions, this heavy duty tyre is designed for low loaders hauling heavy machinery.

Its lightweight but immensely strong construction results in improved fuel economy, as well as showcasing carefully formulated compounds for longer tyre life and improved traction in wet conditions. Again, with a 5 millimetre under tread, it permits retreading and regrooving.

215/75R17.5 TKST IV and 235/75R17.5:  Durable 18-ply designs for all positions on the truck, trailer, and low loader, these two tyres offer great grip in the wet, improved fuel economy and compounds formulated for lower heat build-up . They can also be retreaded and regrooved.

275/70R22.5 TKST IV:  The 275/70R22.5 is a trailer tyre showcasing all  the benefits of Techking’s long history of producing signature compounds for longer life and greater traction in the wet. The lightweight construction offers improved fuel economy and – like many in this range – it incorporates a 5 millimetre under tread for retreading and regrooving.

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Techking Australia supply chain success

Australian Mining reports on Techking supply chain success

Techking Australia’s successful management of tyre supply during the global Covid-19 pandemic has featured on Australian Mining’s website.

Steve Coles, general manager of Techking Australia, said the company was able to assist any sites around the country experiencing shortages due to supply problems.

“Our supply chain has continued to run uninterrupted over the past few months and we do not anticipate any problems meeting all our customers’ needs,’’ Mr Coles said.

“We had anticipated a slow-down in production because of the 2020 Chinese New Year Festival and increased production orders significantly toward the end of 2019. This additional inventory carried us through uninterrupted while China experienced its coronavirus shutdown.

“Our deliveries from China recommenced as soon as their shutdown was over, and our supply chain is back to normal with demand and supply increasing steadily as our business in Australia continues to grow.’’

Read the full story here.

Techking's fully-stocked Brisbane warehouse

Our supply of specialists tyres unaffected by pandemic

Techking’s supply of high-quality tyres for the Australian mining and construction industries remains unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our warehouses in Brisbane and Perth are fully stocked with a wide range of on-road and off-road truck, earthmover and industrial tyres specially designed for Australian conditions.

With our supply chain continuing to run uninterrupted over the past few months, we are able to assist any sites throughout the country that may be currently experiencing shortages.

And importantly, going forward we do not anticipate any problems in meeting all our customers’ needs.

Consistent service to the country’s largest mines

At Techking Australia, we recognise that any disruptions to supply is of major concern to operators, which is why we closely monitor our inventory to ensure we can continue to offer consistent service to some of the country’s largest coal and iron mines.

One of our key strengths too is our adaptability. As the Australian arm of a leading global supplier based in Qingdao, China, we are backed by a strong research and design team that is constantly innovating.

That is why we are also in a unique position to offer products tailored specially for the needs of our customers in some of the harshest conditions in the world.

Our full range is now in stock

Fortunately, prior to the pandemic we had anticipated a slow-down in production because of the 2020 Chinese New Year Festival.

Accordingly, we increased production orders significantly towards the end of 2019.

This additional inventory carried us through uninterrupted while China experienced its coronavirus shutdown.

Our deliveries from China recommenced as soon as their shutdown was over.

Our supply chain is back to normal, with demand and supply increasing steadily as our business in Australia continues to grow.

To learn more about Techking’s range of on-road and off-road tyres, call 0455 026 248 or email us at

New benchmark for mine haulage across Australia

Heavily laden road trains ferrying coal or iron ore along haul roads of 100 kilometres or more demand a tough range of tyres specially designed for Australian conditions.

Blistering heat, corrugations, and unforgiving roads and tracks can quickly change from seemingly impenetrable surfaces to muddy and slippery conditions under downpour.

But a new tyre is setting the benchmark for mine haulage across Australia.

Pictured above, Techking’s popular 315/80R22.5 is now in its fourth iteration and has earned a devoted following among mine haulage contractors and operators, making Techking a sought-after brand in Australia.

Technology delivers ultimate performance

Techking General Manager Steve Coles said: “We’ve taken a tyre that already stood out as a top performer and made a series of incremental changes to design and construction to build the ultimate heavy haulage tyre.

“We’ve worked hard to design these tyres for Australian conditions and we’re seeing the results in sites all over Australia,” he said.

“The 315 combines renowned load capacity with ease of use, making it an outstanding choice for long-distance heavy haulage.’’

Dual load capacity has been boosted to 5450kg in the newest 22-ply version of the tyre, released in late 2019. The extra load capacity running on a 22.5-inch rim makes this a very economical choice for long distance haulage, with tyres that are easy to handle and able to fitted quickly and safely.

The tread, as with all Techking’s mine haulage tyres, features tough off-road compounds specifically designed for drive and trailer, specially constructed to carry heavy loads over long distances on difficult roads day after day.

The road to innovation

From Techking’s earliest tyres in 2005, China’s premier off-the-road tyre maker has focused on delivering cost-effective and high performance tyres for the most demanding mining and construction applications.

Techking’s investment in research and innovation has seen it grow to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers with the widest range of tyres of any China-based company.

This dedicated investment has also provided big dividends for Techking customers in the form or innovative and durable solutions.

To learn more about Techking’s range of mine haulage tyres, call 0455 026 248 or email us at


Tyre solutions for the toughest conditions on Earth

Australia is well known for having some of the toughest conditions on the planet so it’s fortunate that fast-growing global manufacturer Techking has developed some of the world’s toughest tyres.

Established in 2005 in Qingdao, China, Techking is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance, heavy-vehicle tyres designed for mining and construction sites, quarries and highways.

Focused on research, design, quality control and customer service, Techking has developed the best solutions to all the tough working conditions that Australian businesses encounter.

Techking designs, manufactures distributes and provides close, ongoing monitoring and evaluation to assist customers with high-quality truck tyres, and earthmover and industrial tyres, for on road and off-road vehicles.

Now distributing a wide range of on-road and off-road tyres to more than 160 countries and regions, the company is continuing to expand rapidly, reaching almost every corner of the world.

Since launching its Australian operations in Brisbane in 2019, the Techking’s innovative products are already playing a key role in some of the country’s largest coal and iron mines.

With warehouses in Brisbane and Perth, an upcoming expansion to Sydney shortly and plans for Melbourne, Techking and is ideally positioned to assist operators in the country’s two most resource-rich states as well as the entire country.

Research that pushes the boundaries

Techking tyres have been developed for longevity and performance with higher load capacities for commercial truck and bus, earthmover and industrial vehicles.

Since the state-of-the-art Techking Research and Development Centre was established in Qingdao in 2008, the company has successfully applied for 101 patents delivering an array of new innovations to the tyre industry.

While on-road truck tyres, such as those found on big rigs or heavy machinery, are designed for asphalt surfaces, this is a world away from the conditions in underground mines and quarries.

Built to endure a wide variety of applications, some off-road (OTR) tyres must not only be able to withstand extreme temperatures but safely navigate slippery and muddy terrain.

With a focus on innovative tyre design, research and development, quality control and tyre management, Techking works closely with its partners to deliver maximum efficiency for each project.

Through a suite of environment, safety and health strategies, Techking is committed to reducing environmental harm during production by developing innovative techniques to reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

Techking has serviced heavy equipment manufacturers such as Terex Crane & ADT, Doosan ADT, Liebherr Loader, Oshkosh Airport fire fighter, JCB Loader, Atlas Copco LHD, Sandvik LHD, Dynapac paver. It also supplies tyres to world class mining and construction companies such as Rio Tinto, Arcelor Mittal, Lafarge, and Anglo American.

Pictured above are Techking’s 35/65R33 ETNT 4 Star tyres fitted to an Atlas Copco MT6020 underground dump truck at the King of the Hills gold mine at Leonora, Western Australia.

Proving extremely successful in initial trials, the tyre has been designed to carry heavy loads and maintain excellent traction under severe work conditions. Careful design of the tyre offers extra sidewall protection, heat release and self-cleaning between the lugs.

Traction on all terrains and in the marketplace

Techking Tyre Solutions Australia, led by a local team with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, is continuing to grow rapidly since commencing operation in January, 2019.

Headquartered in Brisbane at the Metroplex on Gateway Industrial estate in Murarrie, the company has specialist tyre staff in all the key mining areas around Australia.

General Manager Steve Coles is experienced across a wide range of industrial, mining and transport sectors.

Directly involved in the heavy vehicle tyre industry in management and technical roles for almost two decades, he brings broad-ranging expertise and a passion for detail to the position.

Meeting a need within the Australian marketplace, Techking’s Australian arm has already grown to become the company’s best performing branch for sales in the Asia-Pacific region inside 12 months.

The commitment to Australian customers is reflected with monthly visits from Chinese engineers to sites all over the country throughout the past 12 months, ensuring the best possible support from local and overseas technical staff.

To find out more about Techking’s range of tyres and discuss solutions for all your tyre needs, call us on 07 3899 6184 or email:


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